"Defuser" Kickstarter and Website Launch

Hello everyone! First of all, welcome to our brand-spankin'-new website. Take a minute to look around and take in the scenery. Much thanks to Dorey Kronick for designing it! (you can check out more of her work here). We've also got a few goodies for you that we'll be posting on the site very soon, so keep checking back and like us on Facebook to be updated when new content is available.

Second, and more importantly, we have just officially launched the Kickstarter for our first full-length record, "Defuser." We are so excited to share our original music with all of you, so go pre-order your copy of "Defuser" now! The other way you can greatly help our project is to spread the word about it. All it takes is a simple facebook, twitter, or instagram post, so don't be shy! Let all your friends know that you dig the Giving Trio so we can share our music with even more people.

We're very excited for the release!  Stay tuned for more info.